Reflections in the ETRC

Reflecting on the WRC in 2017-2018 & Plans for the Future

In our final meeting of 2017-2018, WRC members spent some time reflecting on what we each accomplished over the past year, as well as outlining our personal goals for the summer and goals for the WRC in the upcoming 2018-2019 academic year. You can read about these reflections and goals below as they relate to teaching, research, and collaboration.

A Conclusion to the 2018 Augmented Realities Class Deployments

Over the spring semester of 2018, Dr. Ann Hill Duin and research assistant Sarah Canon have been working to develop an augmented reality (AR) toolkit for U of M students to use. 

Augmented reality "allows the user to see the real world with virtual objects superimposed or composited with the real world. Therefore, AR supplements reality, rather than completely replacing it” (Azuma, 1997).

Great Plains Alliance for Computers and Writing explores New Realities in Computers and Writing Oct. 21

This year's Great Plains Alliance for Computers and Writing Conference (GPACW) takes place on Saturday, October 21st, 2017. The Department of Writing Studies at the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities is hosting the 21st annual conference, this year with the theme of “New Realities in Computers and Writing.” Conference program.

A Design Thinking Orientation

Students building prototypes for their solutions.

By Jason Tham

This semester, my students are engaged with a design challenge project where teams will identify wicked problems related by students at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus, and devise and prototype human-centered solutions for campus users. 


ETRC specials

ETRC is a space collaborators share inquiry into different aspects of research involving wearable and emerging technologies. We keep this column updated monthly to showcase some of the works our collaborators have embarked upon.