Reflections in the ETRC

Week Two Summary of Research Assistant Work

Bilal: I spent the beginning portion of the week researching the legitimacy and potential of the FOVE as well as its limitations. I completed the pollinator grant proposal and sent it in for review. On Tuesday, Jason and I met to discuss further logistics for his class visit to LATIS and what his expectations are for his students. For the remainder of the week, I am going to continue focusing on research regarding eye-tracking technology and its potential in writing studies and also how difficult it would be to develop an app or conceptualize an app for the FOVE.


First Week of Research Assistant's Work and Ideas

Laura: This week I’ve been looking into different ways that students can immerse themselves and learn about different cultures using Google Cardboard and HTC Vive. The most promising thing that I found is an exciting new VR software called ImmerseMe. ImmerseMe is an immersive language learning program that (when it comes out) will be available on iOs and Android via Cardboard. So, through virtual reality you could be sitting at a cafe in Paris, and practice your French by ordering a coffee.

WRC Members to Present at Conferences

Portland Oregon evening skyline by Jeremy Woodhouse

Several WRC members will be presenting their current research at upcoming conferences. We look forward to meeting with those who will be attending the conferences as well! 

New Technical Descriptions of Wearables

An athlete performing the clean-and-jerk.

Barbell accelerometer? Soundbrenner Pulse? Read the following to learn about these technologies.


ETRC specials

ETRC is a space collaborators share inquiry into different aspects of research involving wearable and emerging technologies. We keep this column updated monthly to showcase some of the works our collaborators have embarked upon.