Reflections in the ETRC

Exploring Cultural Perceptions of Wearables

We are constantly surrounded by technologies of various sorts and of an increasingly complex nature. For this reason, we have become so immersed in a culture of technology and often overlook the materiality and implications of technological adoptions in different aspects of our lives. Most modern technologies––like many forms of scientific knowledge in our world today––embody structures that mimic the Western ways of mapping the world such as the common parent-child structural representation of relationships in the majority of databases and popular algorithms.

Reflections in the ETRC

In our final meeting of 2017-2018, WRC members spent some time reflecting on what we each accomplished over the past year, as well as outlining our personal goals for the summer and goals for the WRC in the upcoming 2018-2019 academic year. You can read about these reflections and goals below as they relate to teaching, research, and collaboration.


ETRC specials

ETRC is a space collaborators share inquiry into different aspects of research involving wearable and emerging technologies. We keep this column updated monthly to showcase some of the works our collaborators have embarked upon.