Suggested Readings

The User Experience of Virtual Reality

This resource provides links to videos, slides, short articles, and books on designing VR experience for human use. Curated by Max Glenister.


Microsoft HoloLens Could Power Tanks on a Battlefield

A Ukrainian company trying to integrate the upcoming HoloLens into military use. This may remind you of a staple feature in video games like Battlefield and Call of Duty.


MIT is Trying to Crack Wireless VR, Too

MIT is experimenting with technology that aims to make VR headsets (like HTC Vive) wireless. The Vive already has wireless controllers for your hands, but a fully wireless headset would only aid in immersion!


This Smartwatch Powered by Your Body Heat Never Needs Charging

A new company promises to release a body-heat powered smartwatch. This one is pretty cool, though the actual uses the watch has may be limited.


Apple Considers Wearables Expansion with Digital Glasses

Seems like Apple is looking into Google Glass-like peripherals. This one may not pan out into anything, but it's still interesting to think about.