VR Hotspots

LATIS VR Technology and Content Inventory

An active curation of the latest immersive tools and content for use in liberal arts classes. Maintained by the Liberal Arts Technologies and Innovation Services in the College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN.


December 2018 special issue of Computers and Composition on wearable technology, ubiquitous computing, and immersive experience

A collection of research essays on the rhetoric, science, and technology of immersive media and ubiquitous computing, with an emphasis on wearable technology. Essays are written for teachers and scholars of computers and composition.


Voxel VR Parlour

A virtual reality arcade for social gathering such as birthday parties and team-building exercises. Provides VR technologies that immerse players in highly realistic and surreal settings. Currently serves the St. Paul and Minneapolis. MN areas.

Google VR

A blog on the latest development of VR within Google and beyond.


Facebook Social VR Platform––Spaces

A news story in USA Today on Facebook’s launching of new social VR platform, Spaces, at the 2017 F8 developer conference.


Ancient Greek VR Immersion Project

This project explores the use of immersive VR tools to re-create ancient speech scenarios to study auditorial skills, rhetoric, and their effects.



Large-scale VR arcades and arena for gaming and social events. Contains superlative VR games that range from combats to sports. SMAAASH was founded by Shripal Morakhia, an Indian filmmaker and entertainment businessman. The first SMAAASH arena in the US is located in the Mall of America, Minnesota.